Our Mission

Established in 2013, Immortalana is a Los Angeles-based investment company focused on making investments in promising seed and early-stage companies primarily in the life-science and technology sectors.

Immortalana is driven by passionate people pursuing big ideas that will define the next era of innovation. Leveraging our combined experience as business people, researchers, and physicians helps our entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level.  


Our Team


Kelly Gilmore Day created Immortalana in order to fund todays most innovative companies tackling healthcare markets.

With a keen eye for the human story of a product and company, she immediately recognized the potential impact that portfolio companies Cue and Cellverigen can have on reshaping the healthcare system.

Kelly is passionate about design and impact, and looks for companies that match those key criteria.

Dr. Robin Farias-Eisner MD, Ph.D is the Director of the Center for Biomarker Discovery and Research at UCLA. He is an accomplished clinician, voted one of the Best Doctors (2009-2010) and is the Chief of Gynecologic Oncology at UCLA. He delivers insight into the clinical need and utilization of products and helps network into the academic community.

His research experience as a Principle Investigator for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has seen him author 40 original articles in prestigious journals such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Over the long term, his cancer expertise will help shape the direction Immortalana’s investments will take.

Dr. Srinivasa Reddy is a Professor in David Geffen Medical School at UCLA. Dr. Reddy has a forward thinking vision of Immortalana’s investment platform for cancer marker screening and cardiovascular biomarkers. He has a wealth of molecular biology experience with over 100 published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

He has cleared three biomarkers through the FDA approval process. As a principal in BruinPharma, Inc., he licensed a compound he helped develop called 4F to Novartis, which is currently in Phase II clinical trials for cardiovascular disease.